Sibling Activities

Sometimes we have younger children that have the curse of going to the arena when their older siblings have practice, games, or tournaments. For the siblings that are younger it can be truly a curse, they get so bored. Being a hockey mom myself, it is very hard to keep two younger siblings busy when I am trying to watch my hockey player. So here are some tricks that I try to keep my little ones busy and quiet.

· Snacks
· Coloring
· Books
· Magnetic drawing board or other small travel car games
· And of course electronics

Snacks: My kids are big snackers, so this is a life saver for me. Some great and easy snacks are…..
· Animal crackers
· Pretzels
· Granola bars
· Dried Fruit- bought or home made
· Ritz crackers and peanut butter
· Wheat thins
· Beef Jerky

Coloring: I always keep a small amount of crayons and a several coloring books in my bag since they are never happy with what they get and still get bored easily.
My kids are still younger so I like the hard cover books and pages that are not torn easily and are usually smaller so they don’t take up much space. If you have a reader bring a chapter book along and let them go to town.

Small Toys: The magnetic drawing boards (what I call them) are usually pretty inexpensive and they can do a bunch of things with them. Sometimes you can find little tic-tac-toe boards with no little pieces to lose. Also even bringing a few barbies or toy cars can keep them busy, if only for a few minutes. 

Electronics: Sometimes the electronics are my first resource, as much as I try not to, movies and videos tend to keep their attention longer than other activities. Some days I can hold out longer, it just depends on my mood as well as theirs.

Good luck to the hockey moms and dads out there with younger children, it can be rough!

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