Life lessons learned from Hockey

As a parent I was so nervous putting my son into hockey at the age of 3. Well, excited and nervous. My husband was bound and determined that he was playing hockey and I said okay. I just figured after he fell enough times that he wouldn't want to do it anymore, boy was I wrong. The first year was tough don't get me wrong, not only for him but for me too. Getting him up early for practice, trying to wake myself up was hard enough. The one thing that kept going through my mind was "omg what are my dental bills going to like in the future". 

After that first year to my surprise he wanted to do it again. The second year was easier, yes it gets easier to all you first time hockey parents. Now I started to worry about him really getting hurt the faster he skated. He kept enjoying it. The more and more I see him play the more I see that hockey is not just about skating and scoring goals. Hockey is teaching these kids real life lessons.

1. They have to put in the work to succeed: No one can make them skate faster or snipe better. That all takes practice.

2. If you try and win by yourself your whole team will fail: You may have the silkiest mitts on the team, but if you can't pass you may never get the opportunity to score a goal.

3. Respect: Their coaches are teaching them how to listen when getting instructions and how to show your respect for the team.

4.Being a part of something: Being apart of a team is something that can bring a lot of kids together from all walks of life. It shows that kids that we are all different in our beliefs, backgrounds, and ethnicity, but we can all come together for a common goal; and that is to kick the other teams butt. Sorry that is the hockey mom in me. 

Parents, let these kids learn these lessons. Too many kids these days are selfish, whiny and disrespectful.  Let our coaches play their role and teach these life lessons. Unfortunately we are not always going to be the ones that get to teach, but we can also learn from these kids a lot too. 

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