Hockey Life

Hi there, do you ever think "Why in the world did I encourage my child to play hockey?". For me it is Wednesday night practices for my mite. We have 2 younger boys that I take to Grandmas while their brother is practicing. So it's get everyone, dressed in their winter gear, tread out into the cold vehicle, listen them to bicker back and forth for about 30 mins, and then finally head to hockey practice. Then when I get there and he gets all of his gear and is so excited to get out there, I just smile. Most people think that hockey is just a sport that you can fight in.

My "Why" for letting my son play hockey and dealing with everything else that goes with it, hockey parents you know what I am talking about, is he loves it. The look on his face when he scores a goal, gets his crossover just right, looks up into the stands and gives me a little wave, it is truly priceless. The money, the stinky gloves (if you have never smelled it, don't) the traveling, and the dents on my fridge from his puck, it is all worth it. Don't forget to tell your hockey player how proud you are of them, no matter their age. Hockey is not just a sport it is a way of life, and I wouldn't change mine for anything. 

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