Helpful Eating

So I don't know about the rest of the parents out there but in a rush fast food restaurants are an amazing thing when you are in a rush and have crabby kids. Right now we have 3 boys ages 7,3, and 2. I used to be one of those moms that would rather spend the money for fast food then take the time to meal plan and pack snacks, dumb right! It's the easiest thing though when you are running late and have sports, school and everybody else's schedule to keep up with. 

Then a light bulb came on, not only am I spending more money eating out but my kids aren't even getting the proper nutrition to keep them active. Kids follow what we do as parents and I was ready to make sure that was not their future and that they could excel in sports if they wanted to. Snacks are the easiest way to start. The link below gives great information for snack and healthy meals for your active kid/child athlete. I didn't know there was a difference, but turns out there is. 

I am a lucky mom because my 7 year old loves fruits and veggies. He eats cherry tomatoes, well like grapes. However, not every child is like this so we need to start getting tricky. We have to remember that if we take the easy way out all the time we are not only hurting our wallet but our child. Some of you maybe thinking I am preaching not true, we eat out still. For me, it has taken research to find what our active kids needs in their food to continue their activity, even if it takes a little more time to get ready. Enjoy the link below!

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