Falling and Failing

As a hockey parent, you learn a thing or two as you go. Some things you learn from other parents, coaches, and blogs, but the most important things you learn can be from your child. When my son is playing hockey, it is like he is in a different state of mind. He listens to his coaches and does what is asked of him. He wants to learn new things and even though he gets frustrated when it doesn’t work he eventually gets up and tries again. It really is inspiring to watch a seven year old toe drag and score a goal after practicing so hard. He enjoys practicing in our kitchen every chance he gets.
For us as adults and parents, I think sometimes we forget what drives us to learn and push through roadblocks. Now not literally, but I think sometimes we focus so hard on the mundane things of our everyday duties that we forgot what used to drive us at those younger ages. For example, my son and his friend decide how many goals they need to score so they can have a sleepover. Sometimes I need to remind myself to find the joy in failing and having to learn something new. I normally find it irritating and just down right frustrating. Looking through the eyes of our athletes can show us that learning and failing can make something good so much greater.
As a parent I always remind my kids to say Thank you, but sometimes I need to say Thank you to them for what they remind me of. Life is not about going through the motions, it is about making each day better than the last.

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