Concessions Yay or Nay

So in my last blog I talked about smart food choices. Here is a 180 turn, concessions at arenas. It's hard to eat healthy at a concession stand, right! Moderation is key, which is hard too if you are like me sitting at arena as a vendor for 13 hours. I do pack my lunch and snack and supper but sometimes the snacks call to you. 

As a parent it is hard to walk up to concession stand with your child. HOLY CANDY!!!! Also they have slushies. As a person that loves the occasional slushy, how in the world can you drink one sitting in Ice Arena, but kids go crazy for them. 

Also, there can be some weird food at arenas. Our home arena serves little cups of frozen pickle juice, yuck. In fairness I am not much of a pickle fan in the first place. I am curious as I start to go to more arenas what else I will find. 

As a staple that pretty much every arena has is popcorn. I LOVE popcorn! Again moderation is key but it is so good. I would love to see some arenas have kettle corn on hand. 

One thing that I can say for every concession stand is that it helps lower costs for our hockey teams. It is good way to support your association. That is one reason that I usually buy at least one thing at every tournament that I go to. Even though we donate 10% of our sales to the home association, we like to help out in any way that we can. Enjoy this coming season!

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