Back to School!

It always seems as kids start to head back to school their parents lives come to a crashing halt! All the things that we have to think of like school supplies, back to school clothes, lunches, class schedules, morning routines, evening routines and so on. As a hockey parent, my head starts to try and wrap around hockey season beginning again. Things come to mind such as do we have enough stick tape in the house, "Oh Crap" does his gear fit, time for another mouth guard, check the tire tread for the winter driving everywhere, and of course to stock up on all things cold weather related. 


To be perfectly honest though, during the summer months I miss not worrying about those things. Yes being a hockey parent is trying at times, but it has great rewards. I miss the cheering i get to do and the smile of accomplishment on his face. I miss the car rides home where we barely leave the arena and he has fallen asleep after practice. Yes Baseball was fun this year and I loved watching him play LaCrosse, but there is just something special about hockey for me. I am looking forward to this year watching him grow into his own, even though it comes with a giant to do list. After all that's what hockey moms do!

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